The Lakewood Group LLC understands that breakout performance can only be achieved through the collective capability of our people. That is why it considers leadership and talent a priority for employees throughout the company. This "talent mind-set" means:

  • Embracing collaboration and diversity.
  • Developing capabilities and talents among our current employees and seeking fresh ideas from new ones.
  • Tapping into the skills and talents of every employee, recognizing that leadership does not come from a title or role but rather from a commitment to do the right thing for our customers, our investors, and each other.
  • Ability to find meaning and order in ambiguous, uncertain events.
  • An honest attitude towards facts and objective truth.
  • Determination, we do not let potential objections or criticisms stop us, despite resistance or setbacks, we keep going and stay the course.
  • Our people endeavor to think three steps ahead and work to stay in control of the situation always keeping in mind the goal of avoiding problems before they arise.

At The Lakewood Group LLC, we are proud of the accomplishments of our people and our efforts to make talent a priority. However, we are anything but complacent. Rather, we are focused relentlessly on striving to reach the next level in the way we identify, develop, and inspire leadership in ourselves and in those joining our company. It's a concept that we sum up using the keyword "elevate" as a reminder to raise continuously the bar for achievement.

Our people are subject matter experts, thought leaders, and role models and work on financial policies, procedures, and organizational norms. Their insights are sought out by the business community, and their impact acknowledged by many satisfied clients and the receipt of numerous recognitions. They are gratified to contribute their expertise and knowledge to the business community with its unique challenges.

Making a Difference

We at The Lakewood Group provide judicious financing and have the knowledge to assist our customers in getting the most from their investment. We are cognizant of that fact that every customer’s company is endeavoring to reach specific goals. Moreover, we know that what companies are striving for requires money and in all likelihood knowledge and expertise as well. We make available assistance in all these areas. The Lakewood Group provides more than just financing for we offer our insight, knowledge, and expertise to every loan applicant. As a result, businesses that finance with us receive additional assistance in undertaking the task of reaching their full potential. We, The Lakewood Group, firmly believe that we are capable of helping businesses in ways that few others can.